The Perfect Duo


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The Perfect Duo 

Using these two products together is highly recommended especially when you are treating the following skin ailments:

  • Heal small open wounds, cuts and abrasions e.g. Overly scratched/picked Mosquito bites and acne/pimples
  • Soothe and heal rashes/eczema/psoriasis/dermatitis
  • Help ease skin irritations
  • Rejuvenate skin cells
  • Boost skin cell production
  • Leave skin feeling supple and smooth
  • Promote formation of new tissue and healthy skin
  • Treat acne *Restore production of collagen
  • Helps speed the healing process of skin-ailments
  • Heal and reduce scars & stretch marks
  • Balances skin oil production
  • High in Vitamin C
  • Insulate/create a barrier on effect on the skin to protect from the elements.
  • Help soothe and heal nappy rash or help prevent nappy rash
  • Clear cradle cap

The above is a guideline only.

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