High-end handcrafted luxurious personal care products infused in Native Australian Bush Magic.

Acknowledgement of Country

We pay respect to the Traditional Custodians, the First Nations People of Australia on who’s land we live, work, and learn upon. We respect and celebrate their ongoing cultural traditions and contributions to Australian lands. We acknowledge and pay respects to Elders, past and present as it is their knowledge and experiences that hold the key to the success of future generations.  




With the help of @leticia_anne.designs and her amazing team, I have a few new information tiles I’ll be showing off over the course of the year 🤩

I am LOVING how these turned out!

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These two Jyelah products are definite must haves for summer!

They are both designed to keep your skin refreshed, hydrated, plump & illuminated.

Jyelah Native Mist & Jyelah Hyaluronic Serum are available at www.Jyelah.com.au

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White Rose Bath Bomb- Available on our website www.jyelah.com.au

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HELLO 2022 ✨

What a way to start off the new year! Here’s a before and after to remind you just how powerful bush medicine is ✊🏽

Black Magic Balm is currently SOLD OUT for the moment, I have just come out of rest and recovering from a very tough 2021 and now that I feel stronger mentally, emotionally, I’m focusing on creating a system that will help me save time for when I return back to work 5 days a week.

A limit of each size BMB will be available during the school term. Keep in mind these sell out so quickly. I will be setting the Balm to “back order” this means when you order you will go on the waiting list for a tub until restock in a weeks time, this will guarantee you a tub out of the limited stock available until April holidays when I restock again. This will also be the same for the Native collection soap range, Emu Bush & Dusky Rose Clay being the favourites so please get in quick to save disappointment. Candles will be made to order & limited gift packs will be available.

I’m really looking forward to restocking, filling all your orders for 2022, seeing all of your before and after photos & hearing your feedback.


Due to Sorry Business, I will be no longer be taking online Christmas orders after this Friday 3rd December.
The website will be open to order, just keep in mind that shipping days will be this Friday the 3rd, Friday the 17th and Monday the 20th before Christmas Break. Which means you may not receive your order in time for Xmas.

I will not be filling orders between the 6th-12th December. I will commence filling orders from the 13th-17th December.

All local orders are still welcomed and cut off date for local Christmas orders still stands as the 17th December. With pick up days every day until Christmas Eve.

Thank you all so much in advance for understanding. ✨

These are currently flying out the door and it’s not hard to see why! ✨

Get in quick! www.jyelah.com.au



“Kia ora 😊

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been using the Black Magic Balm on my acne and it’s cleared my skin up sooooo much! I can’t get over how good it is! I’ve never used anything that’s helped my skin like this, especially now that I’m wearing a mask most days for work!
There’s 10 days between photos.” -Riria

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Who loves @jyelahmindandbody BLACK MAGIC BALM? ✨ ...